Day, Pause, Night, Pulse
Men run, women walk. Men sit, women leap. People move, humans pulsate. But where is the source of this pulse, pause and subsequent pulse? In you? In me? In her? which pronoun should follow the pulse that has ended in continued line of pause. We always change ourselves. Self? I mean our colors. We change our clothes, also the colors of our behavior changes by the season, month and year or even week and day. But what about our surroundings? Surroundings? What you mean by surroundings is your country, city, street or alley? by ‘’surroundings’’ I mean somewhere behind your back, in front, floor or roof of a place that I am currently siting in or maybe standing or sleeping.
In my teenage years, the time that people with every mood and personality were able to affect me deeply or hurt me severely, a middle aged friend asked me why I do not change my surroundings. I asked him “where is my surroundings? my city? or country?” He answered: your city or country could be your surroundings but currently I mean the decoration of your room. I said what for? He said: ‘’you do not consider the surrounding objects and environment and think that they are careless about you, but the fact that you do not think about them doesn’t mean they do the same and they don’t affect you’’. My friend paused me by his dialog, which was the beginning of the path from the dark night of the time into the pulse of the colors of my today’s photos. What you see today is the nightly pause to enter the diurnal pulse inside of the lights and colors which sometimes stand and sometimes lie down like humans. In simple, fast, pulsating and gentle world; my today’s photos are the thoughts of our surrounding objects and areas about us. I extract them from their minds to picture them, sometimes by fragmenting them in to the pieces or making them unified. If sometimes our pieces, your pieces and mine, are interfering with each other, it shows that we are judged in the same view by our surroundings. By ‘’you’’ I mean, anyone who sees the pulse and pause of the night and day on this framework. And by ’’me’’ you mean…?
Ensi Qadimi

Architect | Karaj | Iran

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